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#MITAfrica Transforms Computer Novice to World Class Digital Marketer

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Passion, driven, focused and Ambitious, are words that succinctly describe Kemi, however, despite all of these qualities Kemi had been plagued with not been able to land a job that could meet her needs.

Kemi is a student of Economics at the National Open University Nigeria, as an undergraduate, her chances of earning a satisfactory salary were at best slim in our clime. Kemi had enrolled for various computer training on Microsoft Office 365 use amongst others but these skills are particularly rife in the 21st century and were simply inadequate.

So how was Kemi to stand herself out? In pursuit of knowledge and a better life, in 2017, Kemi applied for the YouthMobile Training, facilitated by McAnderson Institute of Technology.  The first few weeks were exerting as to be expected. In her words:

“My first 2weeks was tough and challenging of course it should for a novice, I heard few strange words like CODING, PROGRAMMING, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and so on.”

Kemi Ahmed

Nevertheless, Kemi determined to learn how to code, she attended morning and afternoon classes, downloaded tutorials, got research materials from her tutors and after two months Kemi created her first programming solution to a human problem, she built a Mobile App to address the challenges associated with buying a house by connecting the buyers to the house sellers through a fraudproof system the app operates in.

In 2018, Kemi also volunteered with UNESCO to teach youngsters to code in commemoration of the AFRICAN CODE WEEK.

Kemi has not only been able to build a network of developers, carve a niche for herself in this regard, McAnderson Institute Technology has translated this knowledge into income for her by signing Kemi under our Hire -A-Techie Platform. Earlier in the year, we referred Kemi to CERTIFIED SYSTEMS LIMITED where she currently works as a Digital Marketer!

Do you want to be like Kemi?

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