Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

McAnderson News

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Welcome to McAnderson News where you are given the latest news on happenings in #MITAfrica and the tech sphere all around the globe *pun intended.

McAnderson Institute of Technology is a technology solution company. Our three focal areas are:

Training: Our uncommon Professional Development Platform enables students (whether they be core IT students or General course students) to have a SKILL that both increases their Career Value and enables them become IT Entrepreneurs (for those who decide to choose it as their core professional field).

Talent Outsourcing: McAnderson Outsourcing Division was formed to cater to a growing need of Tech Solutions in businesses to reap the economic and operational benefits offered by outsourcing.

Research and Development: We offer a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking fundamental research based developments, as well as applied research that has immediate application and demand in the real world.

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